SBAHS Begins Level 200 Lectures at Legon

The School of Biomedical and Allied Health Sciences (SBAHS) has begun lectures for Level 200 students at Legon. Dr. Esther Dennis of the Anatomy Department gave the first lecture in Functional Histology in the Upper Classroom of the Department of Chemistry.

This new initiative is aimed at addressing the challenges associated with the historical mass daily transit of SBAHS students between the Legon and Korle Bu campuses. According to Dr. Dennis, the idea of having lectures in Legon is very commendable as it will enable the students some stress free time to attend to their personal studies without having to travel from Legon to Korle-bu daily. She reminded the students that their Laboratory Practical lessons will continue to take place in Korle-bu. Dr. Dennis intimated that she and her colleague lecturers have to make a lot of adjustments to help the Dean execute this new initiative. She urged the students to also play their part by attending lectures at their scheduled periods. The Dean of SBAHS joined the entire students for the first lecture to the amazement of all the students. This is indeed unprecedented and a source of motivation to the students who were full of smiles throughout the lecture period.

In a brief message to the students after the first lecture, the Dean, said the rationale behind these new arrangements is to save the students some hours for extra studies. He also introduced the officers who are mandated to see to the day to day running of the lectures in Legon. He encouraged the students to spend some of the extra hours saved from the daily commute to Korle Bu to study, and not to oversleep on the days that they are supposed to be catch the School bus to Korle-Bu for Practicals.

Mr. Gaku Fabian Kwadzo Pinto, a student who shared his views on the new arrangement was extremely excited as according to him “it’s a great idea and it is very good” he thinks they will have more time to have very active learning which will boost their general performance. He added that, the presence of the Dean boosted their morale as far as participation in class was concerned.

Another student, Peace Elikplim Dordunu said the arrangement has saved her enough time to have good private studies. She expressed great happiness with the presence of the Dean and according to her, his presence showed that he really cares about their welfare.

Dr. Alexander Martin-Odoom, Senior Lecturer, Department of Medical Laboratory Sciences is the SBAHS Legon Campus Co-coordinator . He said that this new arrangement is the way to go; because bussing students from main campus for just teaching has been a challenge for sometime now, in terms of funds for fuel and in terms of safety due to the nature of buses as well as the risk involved in conveying the students on daily basis to Korle-bu”. He also said the new arrangement will make SBAHS visible in Legon and make the Students feel a part of it. On his take, on the presence of the Dean, he said; it shows that the Dean is committed to whatever he plans to do.

 Mr. Isaac Opoku, a UG alumni and SBAHS Administrative Assistant will provide logistic support to the teaching programme in Legon.