The new academic and professional orientation of the School of Biomedical and Allied Health Sciences (SBAHS) has provided a major stimulus to research activity within the various disciplines of biomedical and allied health sciences. Faculty research has taken an upward drive, a number of research funding have been received by some faculty in the past year. Research publications have increased considerably; faculty and postgraduate students are exploring new research areas and working out collaborative research opportunities with local and international universities, institutes and organizations.

Through these research activities, several papers have been presented at conferences /workshops, novel assays for gene mutation analysis have been developed, draft manuscripts have also been prepared. We have also established an annual course on Florescence Microscopy on the Korle-Bu Campus of the University with the University of Colorado, Boulder, USA.

The expansion in faculty research has substantially changed the profiles of faculty and SBAHS partners, leading to the promotion of our postgraduate programmes, formation of new research groups and the provision of a platform for the establishment of new initiatives with sister institutions and universities.

Further growth is expected to take place in the near future with the fostering of collaborative relationships with Weber State University, Ogden and Washington University, St. Louise in the US to initiate student training and multi-disciplinary research to tackle and explore new areas such as HIV and aging, other infectious and non-communicable diseases through research, education and service provision.

Some of the areas of faculty research in the School include:
a) investigation into molecular epidemiology of human papillomavirus (HPV) infections and its involvement with cervical, oral, head and necks cancers in Ghana
b) Helicobacter-related duodenal diseases
c) Oxidative stress and malaria
d) KEEP IN TRACK WITH ACTIVITY (KITWA) project involving inpatients with psychological problems at the Accra Psychiatric Hospital
e) Investigations on mammography examination
f) Tomography Dose and Radiation Safety Assessments
g) Orthopanthomography and Lateral Cephalostat examinations
h) Radiation Dose Optimization in Chest Examinations.

Other areas of research include:
i) Maternal, child and infant nutrition
j) Adolescent nutrition
k) Nutrition and Diet Issues in Obesity and Chronic Disease Management
l) Nutrition Knowledge and Education and the state of Dietetic Practice in Ghana.