A project team from the PDMSD on the invitation of the management of School of Biomedical and Allied Health Sciences paid a visit to some designated SBAHS properties earmarked for refurbishment into research space for the School. The facilities visited include; Basic Sciences Building, Animal House, in the department of Medical Microbiology and the MB3 Lecture Hall.

The team made its first stop at the Animal House where the Head of Medical Microbiology Rev. Prof. Kwamena Sagoe took the team through some briefing on the state and operations of all the facilities in the Building. The Dean, Prof. Ofori-Acquah, told the team to put together the drawings and also extend the current perimeter to include a vivarium. He also said they are free to provide their own designs even if it means knocking down some of the structures in order to get the facility back to shape.

The team proceeded to the MB300 lecture hall where the Dean informed members on the tour that he is adequately informed that the original plan for the lecture hall was to put on another floor in the near future but has not been done due to some financial constraints. He further stated that the inputs of Prof. F.K Addai, Head of the Anatomy Department will be needed since he has a historical knowledge of the building.  The Head of the PDMSD team on seeing the beams of the building said there is a very high possibility to have another floor but with further advice and input from engineers.


At The Physiology department in the Basic Science Building, the Head of Department, Rev. Charles Antwi-Boasiako took the team through  the current state of some facilities as well as what they are being used for. The Dean said the plan for the visit there is to ascertain the feasibility to create, expand and modernize some of the existing Laboratories into state of the art research space. This will also come with well-furnished offices, Bays, a conference room for the use of PI’s, Kitchenette, Male/Female washrooms as well as a post Doc. room. He further indicated that, he wants the team from PDMSD to have creative license regarding how they can reconfigure the space available for the intended purpose without any restrictions.

The Head of the team on his part asked management to furnish them with a thorough  brief on what they expect  on the facilities earmarked as according to him, that will enable them develop their drawings further to suit what the demand of management.

When the refurbishment is completed, the Dean indicated that; the fully functional research entity will be used as a source of income generation to the School as users would be paying for its usage which will in the long term be a financial boost to the School.

At the end of the tour, the Dean put in place an adhoc committee with the various heads of departments who accompanied him on the tour in addition to the School Accountant as members of the committee with a mandate to put together the brief as requested by the PDMSD team.

Members of the Management team who accompanied the Dean include; School Officer, Mr. Richard Daah, School Accountant, Mr. Alex Nii-Than Crabbe and the Various Heads of departments under whose jurisdiction the refurbishment works is to take place.